Best Biscotti Delivery in Singapore

Step aside cookies – we bring you the best cookie biscotti delivery in Singapore

But first, why are biscotti better than cookies?

What are biscotti?

Cheese Rosemary Biscotti

According to NPR, the word biscotti is derived from the Latin biscoctus, meaning twice baked or cooked. According to one of our Italian friends, in Italy “biscotti” simply refers to dry cookies/biscuits. Americans and us Singaporeans refer to the long, crispy twice-baked Italian cookies as “biscotti” (note that the singular form of “biscotti” is “biscotto”).

That crunch

Biscotti is twice-baked. Yes, not one, but twice. Get ready for that satisfactory auditory cruuuunch when you bite into a biscotti. Each crispy bite will remind you of the amazing treat that you are eating. No more mindlessly plonking cookies into your mouth and then wondering how come you feel unpleasantly full with an impending sugar crash …

Perfect addition to tea and coffee

We hate to break it to you, but biscotti are perfect with coffee and tea. Each biscotto has the right amount of airy-ness that allows it to absorb the coffee and tea you dunk it in. This means that your coffee (or kopi) and tea drinking experience will be elevated to the next level with biscotti. Don’t believe us? Try it!

Biscotti keeps for longer

Compared to regular cookies, biscotti are crunchier for a longer period of time. Some attribute it to the double baking, some attribute it to magic… We have a hunch – with no moisture remaining in the biscotti after being twice baked, each biscotto stays fresher for longer even with the (let’s be honest) intense Singapore humidity! Of course, just remember to store your biscotti in an air-tight container. And if it becomes a tad soft… pop them in the oven for a bit! Do remember that with any freshly-baked goods (and with most things in general), things do not last forever – so enjoy them while they last!

(Our) biscotti does not use butter or oil

Can you make a tasty biscuit that doesn’t use butter or oil? Why of course you can, with biscotti! Although there are plenty of variations of recipes and adaptations, some of them exclude butter and oil from the mix. Not only does leaving out butter and oil help with the crispiness, you aren’t left with a heavy taste or greasy feeling after you’ve snacked on a couple of biscotti. Due to our experience consuming a tonne of biscotti in the process of perfecting our recipe, we can definitely vouch for this one.

We hope that you enjoyed this tiny breakdown of why we believe that biscotti are better than cookies (no apologies given). Let us know in the comments what you think! Are you a cookie supporter? Are you willing to try out some biscotti?

If you are looking for somewhere to validate our claims – why not try our Cheese Rosemary Biscotti?

Crispy, indulgent and cheesey. What more can you ask for?

P.S. We do island-wide delivery! Visit our FAQ page or contact us for more details.


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