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Chief Baking Officer Icon

Chief Baking Officer

An aspiring e-sports star with a knack for turning ingredients into mouth-watering dinners and desserts. He bakes in the afternoon, games/streams at night. What a boss.

Chief Tidying Executive Icon

Chief Tidying Executive

A craft enthusiast over the age of 80, with decades of cooking and baking experience under her belt. She is Ryan’s sous-chef de cuisine and heads the tidying department, with her expert organisational skills.

Chief Multitasking Director

Arguably the coolest mother in the world. She is the queen of giving, delivering mangoes to her grandma, juggling several jobs and devoting herself to things bigger than herself. With a heart of gold, she is our biggest inspiration. Oh – she is also a Formula 1 race marshal.

Chief Ideation Officer Icon

Chief Ideation Officer

A future Formula 1 Team Principal who currently is the lead Chief Poodie Office liason. She works on a variety of things, with the hopes of bringing ideas and value to the world.

Chief Poodie* Officer

Woof woof woof grrr woof eeeee wooof woooof rrrruf wooooof wooof eee ee eooo ooo iiii eee woooof wwwooof – That’s what she told us to write as her bio

P.S. our supportive Singapore special dog is not allowed in the kitchen when we bake… Sorry Teena!

*Poodie = Dog