Our Story

Part I: The Reason to Ryse

What was the huge challenge?

Our Story

They say that everybody has a reason to rise.

Ryan did not. In fact, the act of getting out of bed, the simplest thing for some, was one of Ryan’s biggest struggles for years. The thought of going to school – crowds, the pressure of homework, and things he could not express – drummed up paralysing anxieties. Most days, he couldn’t make it out of bed.

What is your worst fear played out? Does your heart clench thinking about it? Do you break out in a sweat?

Now put yourself in the shoes of a 12-year-old boy – anxious, drained, still shaking underneath his sheets, unable to rise from his bed.

Part II: His Reason to Ryse

How did he overcome it?

Part 2 - Our Story

A bit of flour, eggs and a warm oven, turned out to be his reason to rise. 

From his signature gooey brownies made for the family, to his exceptional Christmas gingerbread cookies, baking gave him comfort.

Does he still struggle to get out of bed? Yes.

But what he discovered was a reason to ryse.

Ryse aims to share Ryan’s Reason to Ryse – delicious hand-made biscotti – and also serve as food for thought:

Everybody has a Reason to Ryse

Part III: Your Reason to Ryse

What/who is your Reason to Ryse?